Android – Final project COMP 3617 – PART 2

I have a fews things that needs to be put in place :L

First  : the UI that will be  2 tabs that will display the Arts and Musics event list:

a little picture the title and the date.

i will use for that 2 fragments and inside each fragment i am using a ListView.

if we click on one of the item in the list it will display a new activity with further details.

second :

i will have to implement the core function of the app, that will consist of a web parser that will use the event url.

I started with the UI :



So far this is a first quick presentation and there is 2 tabs each tabs have a fragment , in that fragment currently selectioned, we have a LisView with 4 view, i am actually using a list View adapter to build the listView and each view is customized.